Article 1: Purpose 

A. To promote bass fishing

B. To promote conservation.

C. To promote sportsmanship.


Article 2: Membership 

A.  An Honorary Life Member shall be those persons who because of outstanding service to the Tioga County Bass Anglers have won the admiration and esteem of the membership. They shall not be required to pay dues or attend meetings or other activities, but may attend such activities if they so desire. 

B.  Any member on current military status will be considered a member in good standing and will not be charged dues until discharged from the service.

C.  All members must pay annual dues (senior and junior).

     1. New members must also fill out a membership card along with paying their dues.

D.  Dues for the first year will be $25.00 and $20.00 each year thereafter.

E.  Membership dues ($20.00) must be paid by the second meeting of the calendar year. Non-payment will result in removal from the club’s rolls. Reinstatement can be obtained by paying the $25.00 membership dues.

        1. All elected officers dues will be paid by the club.

F.  The fiscal and membership year is from January 1st to December 31st.

G.  Any member can be expelled from the club for poor sportsmanship or any action deemed detrimental to the club.

     1.  Before any member can be expelled from the club, he or she must have the opportunity to present his or her case to the full membership.

     2.  Actual expulsion from the club shall be decided by a majority of active members present at the meeting the charges are presented. The vote shall be by a secret ballot. If expelled, no dues are refunded.

H.  Any junior member must be 14 years of age to be considered by a vote of the members for senior membership. He or she will automatically be a full (senior) member at age 16.


Article 3: Election of Officers                                                                                                                                                                                   

A.  Nominations and election of officers.

     1.  At the November meeting the President will ask for nominations or volunteers for the club offices and director for the coming year.

     2.  This slate will be presented to the membership at the December meeting. Any additional nominations will be accepted from the floor. Nominations will then be closed and a ballot will be cast for each office and directorship.

     3.  Elected officers and directors will assume their duties at the close of old business at the January meeting with the exception of the tournament director.

     4. The Tournament Director and Assistant Tournament Director will assume their offices at the October meeting of the current year.

B.  Association officers.

     1. President

     2. Vice-President

     3. Secretary

     4. Treasurer

     5. Board of Directors

     6. Tournament Director

     7. Assistant Tournament Director

C.  Board of Directors are elected for a three-year period. One Director will be replaced each year.


Article 4: Responsibility of Elected Officers 

A.  President

     1. Conducts meetings.

     2. Appoints all committees.

B.  Vice-President

     1. Assumes duties of the President in his or her absence.

C. Secretary

     1. Performs duties requested by the President.

     2. Takes minutes of the meetings.

     3. Conducts roll call.

     4. Maintains reports of committees as a form of reference.

     5. Responsible for routine correspondence.

     6. Maintains a list of club’s property and equipment and sell unwanted equipment.

D. Treasurer

     1. Takes care of all finances as directed by the President and Board of Directors.

     2. Keeps accurate records and has such records always available for inspection.

     3. Prepares and presents monthly financial report.

     4. Sees that yearly audit is conducted.

E. Board of Directors

     1. Will ensure that all club policies and By-Laws are followed.

     2. Audit all books yearly.

F. Tournament Director

     1. Will prepare and present tournament schedule to membership for approval.

     2. Tournament schedule will include location, date, and tournament boundaries and special regulations.

     3. Will make sure all applications for required tournament permits are submitted and approved.

     4. Has charge of all club tournaments and will have the final say on all tournament problems.

G. Assistant Tournament Director

      1. Will assist Tournament Director in conducting the tournament.

     2. Will assume all duties of the Tournament Director in his absence.



Article 5: Meetings

A.  A meeting will be held at least once a month unless otherwise decided by the President.

B. The meeting place will be decided on by the members and announced as far as possible in advance.


Article 6: Sportsmanship 

A. All members are expected to exhibit the highest degree of sportsmanship at all club activities.

B. All members are expected to observe all fishing laws, boating regulations and tournament rules.

C. Failure to do so will result in disqualification of the tournament.


Article 7: Trophies 

A. Angler of the Year

     The Angler of the Year trophy will be awarded to the member who has accumulated the highest total points for the year.

     1. Trophies will be awarded to the top three (3) highest points positions.

B. Co-Angler of the Year

     1. A trophy will be awarded to the top three (3) highest points positions.

C. Lunker of the Year

     1. A Lunker of the Year trophy will be awarded for the largest bass weight caught in regular club tournaments for the year.

D. Classic Trophies

     1. Trophies will be awarded to the four highest finishers in the Don Heck Jr. Memorial Classic tournament.

     2. A Lunker trophy will also be awarded for the largest weight bass.                                                  

E. Trophies will be awarded as deemed financially feasible in any given year.


Article 8: Amendments 

All future amendments to the By-Laws shall be submitted to the secretary in writing and signed by the submitter. An amendment may be voted on by the membership only at the May and November meetings: and if accepted, it will be added to the existing By-Laws. All amendments must be submitted at least one month prior to the May or November meeting.


Tournament rules may be changed anytime if it is beneficial for the club. All changes need to be voted on and approved by the majority at a regular monthly meeting.


 Revised 11/30/21