1. Only members of the Tioga County Bass Anglers are eligible to participate in club
    A. Guests will be allowed to fish club tournaments as a boater or co-angler as long
as all members who wish to fish have a ride.
       1) Guests will be required to pay a tournament fee equal to a member to be able
to fish for prize money. 

        2) If a guest places in a tournament, they receive that position pay-out and they don't receive points. All members move up in point position.
        3) Members are allowed one guest per year.
2. Locations, dates, times and off limits for each tournament will be submitted by the
Tournament Director to membership for approval.
3. Contestant's pairing will be by random draw conducted by the Tournament Director.
    A. Remote Sign-up will be by cellphone to the Tournament Director by 9:00pm the
Thursday prior to each tournament.
    B. All boaters are put into the draw and assigned an available co-angler.
    C. The Tournament Director will e-mail all contestants Friday, notifying which boater
has which co-angler. If you do not have a co-angler you may bring a friend. Notify the
Tournament Director.

         1) If a member signs-up to fish a tournament, and they don't show up, they are responsible for the entry fee, unless they notify the Tournament Director first. 
    D. Entry fees are to be paid to the Tournament Director prior to tournament starting
        1) Boater fee of $25.00 ($20.00/ tournament, $5.00/ lunker) with a five (5) fish
limit. Pay-back three (3) places per tournament.
        2) Co-Angler fee of $20.00 ($15.00/ tournament, $5.00/ lunker) with a three (3)
fish limit. Pay-back (3) places per tournament.
        3) Lunker payback is 100% of $5.00 from each angler’s (boater and co-angler)
entry fee. One (1) lunker per tournament and one (1) lunker trophy per year.

    E. There will be two contestants per boat unless the boater and co-angler agree to
accept a third person. 

    F. It will be the co-angler’s responsibility to share equally in the boater’s expense for
the tournament day.
    G. Junior members will be paired with their sponsor members unless another
member agrees to take the junior member.
    H. Due to certain personal inconveniences during the course of a tournament, a
spouse/significant other will have the option to be selected as fishing partner by his or
her spouse/significant other in all tournaments or elect to be paired by normal club
    I. The boater has control of the boat and decides where to fish.
         1). The co-angler fishes from the back of the boat, may suggest places to fish
and fish from the front of the boat if the boater agrees.
    J.  A co-angler must fish with each available boater before the co-angler can fish
with a boater twice.
    K. Every person in the boat must be a paying participant.   

4. If an uneven number of members wish to fish a tournament the extra member will
be allowed to fish under one of the following options:
    A. A boater and co-angler agree to take a third party.
    B. If the extra member owns a boat; they may fish alone or take a friend. This will
not count as guest of the year.
    C. If the extra member doesn’t own a boat, they can bring a friend who does own a
boat and will not be charged with a guest.

    D. If a co-angler signs up to fish a tournament, and we don't have a boat for them, andno one offers to fish three in a boat, the co-angler will get twenty-five (25) points and be the first draw pick for the next tournament.
    E. If a rider no shows the boater may fish alone, unless we have three in a boat, the
extra co-angler fishes in the no show boat.
    F. If two boaters are without co-anglers they may pair up if agreeable to both.
    G. If a boater no shows the co-angler may fish three (3) in a boat if a boater offers.
If no offer, all single boaters are put in the draw.
    H. If a boater has a problem with their boat and can’t use it, they will go in the
draw, and fish under the boater’s rules.
    I. An angler can elect to fish from the back as a boater, with a five (5) fish limit in
the boater point system, pay the boater’s fee and go in the draw.
    J. A boater may pair with another member as long as they notify the Tournament
Director on Thursday, all others will go thru the draw.

    K. All participants must choose at the start of the season, to be a boater or co-angler. No switching back and forth. 
5. No alcohol or illegal drugs will be used prior to or during a TCBA tournament.
    A. Any contestants who show up intoxicated will not be allowed to participate in the
    B. Violation of this rule will result in disqualification from the tournament and all
future club tournaments
6. Bait type will be artificial only.
7. A maximum of one rod may be fished with at one time.                                   
8. When starting a tournament, all tournament boats are required to stay within a 50-
yard radius of the launch site until released by the Tournament Director. This may be
changed at the discretion of the Tournament Director.
9. Safety and boating requirements.
    A. All boats will be at least 12 feet in length and meet all State and Federal
regulations. No canoes, rafts or kayaks.
    B. Each boater is required to have all safety equipment required by Local, State and
Federal Law.
    C. It is the co-angler’s responsibility to furnish his or her own approved life vest.
    D. All life vests used in tournament competition will be Type III PFD and will be
properly worn and zipped with the kill switch attached to the boat driver.
    E. The PFD will be worn and the kill switch will be attached to the driver any time
the gasoline motor is running. If the Tournament Director or Law Enforcement
Personnel observes otherwise, it will be an automatic tournament disqualification.
10. Tournament water boundaries, special regulations, and off-limit areas will be
announced prior to each tournament.
    A. Bass only (large/small mouth) will be weighed in for tournament consideration.

    B. A fish length will be state legal minimum.
    C.  Creel limit will be five (5) fish for boaters, three (3) fish for co-anglers unless
announced differently prior to the tournament.
    D. Pay-back will be three (3) places for boaters; three (3) places for co-anglers.
    E. Measurement of all fish will be on an approved board with the fish flat, mouth
closed, and tail in any position.
11. Each competitor will make every attempt to keep their catch alive.
    A. A properly aerated live well with divider and/or an individual cull system is
    B. All fish must be released alive.
    C. No culling of dead fish. Each competitor must dispose of their own dead fish.
    D. A 4 oz. (.25 lb.) penalty will be deducted for each fish that is kept or that has
died prior to the weigh-in. There is also a 4oz. (.25 lb.) penalty for any fish that is
returned to the water that is unable to swim away.
    E. No competitor shall give or catch fish for another competitor that will or could be
added to their creel weight during a tournament.
    F. Violation of rule “E” will result in disqualification of all anglers involved and forfeit
of all weight for the tournament.

    G. Presenting an under-size fish for weigh-in will result in disqualification of the tournament.
12. Each tournament will have a lunker competition.
    A. A lunker fee is included in the tournament fee and shall be 100 percent payback.
    B. Lunker fish will be the largest fish by weight. Fish must be alive to qualify for
    C. It will be each competitor’s responsibility to have the largest fish in their creel
weighed to be eligible for lunker.
    D. There will be one lunker per tournament and one lunker trophy per year.
13. Boats competing in a TCBA tournament may not pass within 25 yards of another
competitor’s anchored boat.
    A. An anchored boat shall be any boat that is attached to a stationary object by a
line, rope or chain etc.
14. No competitor shall violate another competitor’s catch in anyway. Such action will
result in automatic disqualification from the tournament.
15. All boats are required to return to the weigh-in site by the official check-in time.
    A. Late boat owner and rider will be penalized at a rate of one (1) pound per 5
minutes late.
    B. Any boat owner and rider returning to the weigh-in site 15 minutes after the
official check-in time will have their total weights disqualified for that tournament.
    C. Breakdowns and boaters towing/helping are not penalized. You may send your
catch to be weighed if towing or repairs will take too long.
    D. If leaving a tournament early, notify the Tournament Director or another person
to report at the weigh-in.
16. Tie breaker
    A. Combine two payback places and splitting winnings equally.

17. Tournament Standings will be done on a 100-point basis. (example 1st place = 100
points, 2nd place = 99 points, 3rd place = 98 points). 25 points will be awarded to
anyone not catching fish. Boaters and co-anglers have separate points systems.
18. Points earned in either point system can’t be transferred from one to the other. If
you fish as a boater and decide to fish as a co-angler your points stay in the boater
system, same in the reverse situation.
19. Qualifying for the “Classic” is done by fishing 50% of all regular tournaments
and/or 100% of PA tournaments. Also, any angler that wins a regularly scheduled
tournament or wins the previous years "Classic" will automatically qualify.

    A. At the "Classic" the co-angler may choose which boater to fish with each day.'              
20. Cancellation of a tournament.
    A. Due to bad weather and unsafe water conditions the Tournament Director and all
officers present may take a vote to cancel the tournament.
21. Anti-littering attitude will be observed at all times.
Revised 11/30/2021